Android APIs to manipulate Email documents in mobile apps

Create, read, edit or convert email formats including MSG, EML and MHT without installing MS Outlook.

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Aspose.Email for Android via Java

Aspose.Email for Android via Java


Aspose.Email for Android via Java API empowers software developers to design Android applications for managing and manipulating email messages without getting lost in the complexities of Microsoft Outlook file format implementation. The flexible emails processing API helps developers manipulate Outlook email file formats from within applications and has no dependencies other than Android Runtime.

Aspose.Email for Android via Java API gives you the tools you need to create, read and manipulate Outlook MSG, PST, EML, EMLX, and MHT files from within an Android application. You can not only change the message body, but also manipulate (add, extract and remove) attachments from a message object. You can customize message headers by adding or removing recipients or changing the subject and other properties.


Advanced Android Email Processing Features



Creating plain text and HTML emails


Reading and manipulating different message types such as MSG, OFT, EML, EMLX, TNEF and MHT.


Adding, extracting and removing attachments from messages


Manipulating embedded objects in messages


Converting messages to various formats such as MSG, EML, EMLX, TNEF, and MHT


Creating and saving appointments in ICS as well as MSG format


Reading appointment information and formatting appointment text for output


Generating Occurrences from recurrence patterns


Manipulating every aspect of message storage files (PST and OST)


Adding and extracting Messages and Contacts from PST and OST files


Adding and saving calendar items from PST files


Adding tasks, notes and journals to PST files

Supported Email File Formats

Aspose.Email lets you open and write to a variety email formats MSG/OFT, MHT, EML/EMLx, Outlook PST/OST as well as PST folders.

Read Outlook MAPI Properties

Aspose.Email for Android via Java allows you to read a MSG file's MAPI properties. It provides an API for either reading all the MAPI properties or reading a specific property using the MAPI property tag.

Working with Android iCalendar API

Aspose.Email’s iCalendar API makes it possible to create and save Outlook Calendar objects in various formats such as MSG and ICS. You can also read calendar objects using this API.

Read Outlook PST File

Aspose.Email for Android via Java enables you to read and write a Microsoft Outlook PST file. It provides access to all folders and sub-folders of a PST file so you can add, read and extract messages. Messages, contacts and calendar items can be exported and saved to disc in various formats from a PST file.

Manage Attachments

Aspose.Email for Android via Java provides an API for reading and extracting attachments from message files in a very simpler manner. Not only can you extract attachments, but also create new attachments and add these to a message.


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