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Supports A Variety Of Email Message File Formats

Aspose.Email for .NET supports manipulating various email message file formats including EML, MSG and MHT. You can either create a new message from scratch or load an existing message to modify it. Message contents such as subject, sender, recipient, attachments and body can be easily updated using Aspose.Email for .NET. Aspose.Email for Java currently supports only MSG file manipulation.

Manage Emails Using SMTP, POP3, IMAP And Microsoft Exchange Servers

Aspose.Email for .NET can send emails using any SMTP email server or Microsoft Exchange Server. You can also list and manage email messages on POP3, IMAP and Exchange Servers using Aspose.Email for .NET.

SSL support is also available for SMTP, POP3, IMAP and Exchange Servers. For Microsoft Exchange Servers, both WebDAV and Exchange Web Services (EWS) can be used to manipulate the mailbox using Aspose.Email for .NET.

Supports A Variety Of Platforms

You can use Aspose.Email for .NET to build applications using ASP.NET, Web Services and Windows Forms. It is also compatible with all versions of 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems on which the .NET Framework is supported.

Aspose.Email for Java can run on all Operating Systems on which Java Standard Edition 1.4 or higher is supported.

Microsoft Outlook PST Support

With Aspose.Email for .NET, you can load Microsoft Outlook PST files directly from disk or a stream, get folder and subfolder information from the PST, get message information e.g. subject, sender, recipient, body and attachments from any message contained in any folder. You also have the ability to save messages from a PST file into MSG format to either disk or stream.

No Microsoft Office Automation

The Aspose.Email product family pack does not require Microsoft Office to be installed on the machine in order to function. It can be used as a server side application to manipulate the MSG files.