Android APIs to manipulate PDF documents in mobile apps

Create, read, edit, convert or protect PDF documents without installing Adobe Acrobat.

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Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java


Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java is a PDF document creation and manipulation API that enables Android applications to create, read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It also allows you to create forms and manage form fields embedded in a PDF document.

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java API is an affordable solution that offers a wealth of features which include: PDF compression options, support for graph objects, extensive hyperlink functionality, extended security controls, custom font handling, integration with data sources, adding or removing bookmarks, working with attachments and annotations, importing or exporting PDF form data, working with text and images, splitting, concatenating, extracting or inserting pages, converting pages to images and much more.


Advanced Android PDF Processing API Features



Creating new PDF documents


Converting an image to PDF


Adding text and images to a PDF document


Manipulating text styles and formatting when adding it to a PDF document


Inserting, extracting, splitting, and concatenating PDF documents


Adding headers and footers during PDF generation


Creating, importing, exporting and deleting bookmarks


Adding, modifying, extracting and deleting attachments and annotations from PDF creation


Adding, updating, removing security constraints during and after PDF generation


Setting PDF encryption and passwords during PDF creation


Add headings during PDF creation


Encrypting, decrypting, adding and removing password information from PDF document


Creating, updating, removing, importing and exporting form field data from FDF, XML and XFDF files


Add and remove watermarks from PDF document


Creating multiple column based PDF documents


Setting page margin, size, orientation, transition type, zoom factor and appearance of PDF documents


Splitting PDF document into single page documents

Section And Paragraph Features

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java allows you to specify page size and the page margin size of each page in a document. Page background images, page header and footer sections can also be set.

Other features include: create, update or delete bookmarks, create or delete file attachments and annotations, add floating box with absolute positioning rather than flow layout and much more.

Graph And Imaging Capabilities

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java API provides support for many different types of graphs that can be drawn on any page location specified by coordinates and graphs can be also rotated and scaled as per requirements.

With Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java - images can be inserted into documents from disk or memory, web images can also be added by providing their URL. Along with conventional image types, CCITT (fax) images, multi-page TIFF images and transparent GIF images are also supported.

Hyperlink And Attachments Features

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java API allows adding:

  • Hyperlink shortcuts to other pages within a PDF document
  • Hyperlinks to pages in other PDF documents
  • Hyperlinks to non-PDF files
  • hyperlinks to web locations.

Along with hyperlink creation, get the capabilities to extract hyperlinks from a PDF document.

Get the power to add, update, import, export or delete attachments and annotations. Files of any type can be attached to a PDF document and annotation types such as polygon, polyline, pop-up, rubber stamp, caret, free text and many more can be added.

Form Field Features

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java provides advanced features for form field processing. With this single product, you get the capabilities to add form fields to the PDF document or you can programmatically move, rename, remove and copy form fields across PDF documents, set JavaScript for buttons and flatten form fields.

PDF Security Features

Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java API offers the facility to encrypt PDF documents with either 40-bit or 128-bit encryption, master and user passwords can also be set for further PDF security. Content modification in PDF documents such as content copying, PDF printing, form field completion, degraded printing, annotation modification as well as PDF document assembly can all be restricted by using Aspose.Pdf for Android via Java.


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Pdf offers individual PDF APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: